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Captain's Log:

Morale is low.
We were trying to jam to some sick tunes earlier today but it seems there was a lot of interference on our Sirius XM. We got our computer to record a part of it, if only we had an IT guy on this ship.

Download link:

-- Your friendly neighborhood webadmin


Looking at the beepboop file in audacity, a few stand out obviously. First is the waveform that is very big, and the others are the short bursts that are interlaced. Those ones are easy to check out, and they both tell us they are not the flag.

Luckily I’m a big fan of The Modern Rogue and happened to recognize the “whoa” track as Slow Scan Television (or SSTV) when I listened to it.

I’ll isolate the whoa channel in audacity, and set audacity to output to my virtual audio cable. Then, I’ll set my default input device to the same virtual audio cable. This will help minimize noise in the image. I decided to use RX-SSTV v2.0.0 to receive the transmission from the whoa track.

Once I click the receive button, I turn on audacity and let it play. I just let it play all the way through, but you might be able to speed it up to slow scan twice as fast. I don’t know. But nonetheless, the flag is in the image that was transmitted.