Category: OSINT

Points: 100


We heard word that The Plague escaped prison three weeks ago. We've been notified that he was recently seen on soundcloud liking a song by ytcracker called "hacker music." Let us know what you find.

First perform a search on for “ytcracker hacker music” then go to likes.

Go to ThePlague2018x’s profile

The next clue seemed to be to go to the website on ThePlague2018x’s website which is the following

Extract the string after the hex values “%3A%2F%2F” to “.com” the value between this is the following


Looking at the string it seems to be hex so encode to hex to get the flag.

>>> '666c61677b74684552655f69735f4e305f72314768745f614e445f5752306e475f74683352655f31735f4f4e6c795f46754e5f416e645f423072694e477d'.decode('hex')